Neal3K: Water Over Rocks - Pinhole View
oldeyes47: St Wilfreds, Hickleton
probusphotos: The Chevron Sage Speaks. From the series of images for Lift up Lou
DelioTO: St. Saviour’s Anglican Church,
neilalderney123: PIN_120_Log_Sparsholt
Kamerakata: Pinhole: Eisenbahnbrücke
bigbill2006: Somewhere Beyond The Sea
wizowel: Evidence of Grand kids
Dierk.: 4x5" Zero 75B pinhole
Richie Rue: Banana Skin
Garry Cliff: Bowes Museum
oldeyes47: All Saints, Hooton Pagnell, South Yorkshire
Vaidotas Mikšys: We are the Shadows, attracted to the Light
dungan.robert: Diana - Chatham Manor - pinhole 8x10
DelioTO: lakeshore golfing
DelioTO: Around the potting holes to the fort
art y fotos: significant distress
Christopher M Hight: Power from Wales
Usitu: Parc del Laberint. Barcelona. España. Pinhole o estenopeica. Cámara Holga 120WPC modificada para trabajar con película de 135. Formato 24x108. Imagen 5 de 11. 07-08-2020.
infiniecamera: Bp 202007_01
neilalderney123: PIN_120_ Lainston House Gates, Winchester
probusphotos: Prayer and Supplication. From the series of images for #liftuplouisville
DelioTO: White fence in IR
masinka: Pinhole photography: Roots of an Old Tree (LUW_0029)
oldeyes47: St James, Anston
Daire Quinlan: Knocknarea
DelioTO: Three saplings
surgeon24hrs: Good Time III
Dierk.: 4x5" pinhole: Lübeck Dom