Karel Warburg: Those beautiful sunny days in Summer.
mrieffly: Le blanc au carré...
photodittmer: FLOWERING GRASS
rod1691: O'Side Harbor Village 3-2-17-20-80D-17X40mm
Karel Warburg: Breakwater...
mrieffly: Pousse d'échalote
mrieffly: le printemps?
Future-Echoes: Through the trees
Jon Dev: National Music Centre and nearby buildings, Calgary
mrieffly: Un petit coup de neige
mrieffly: Tools
rod1691: O'Side Pier Sunrise 17-1-9-20-80D-24X105mm
mrieffly: Nivéoles
mrieffly: Les pieds dans la neige
rod1691: O'Side Beach Sunset 7-1-3-20-5Dii
ZnE's Dad: Here comes the Sun...
Buoscio_Fine_Art: Bartholdi Fountain, DC
mrieffly: Grand beau temps
mrieffly: Plan B SoS
rod1691: Poinsettia Metro 09-1-19-20-80D-17X40
mrieffly: Douceurs sucrées
mrieffly: En balade...
Gerkraus: "Molí Bernat"
Jon Dev: Crowded children's area, Central Library, Calgary
Jon Dev: Ice sculpture of two bears