gerben more: jaipur
vedebe: Et le temps n'a pas d'emprise... / Time has no influence...
glasseyes view: manpower
Rhisiart Hincks: Ar ben y to
vedebe: Reconnaisance des lieux... / Reconnaissance of the area...
elbrozzie: Man at Work
vedebe: Clé anti-fuite.... / Anti-leak key...
vedebe: Que l'autel soit impeccable! / The altar must be impeccably clean!
Rhisiart Hincks: Un devezh labour all
Rhisiart Hincks: Gosod teiar newydd
vedebe: D'un bout à l'autre... / From one side to the other...
simonmateogomez: Tomas Gomez
Rhisiart Hincks: Dwy reilffordd - Tywyn
vedebe: Parle plus fort...! / Talk louder...!
FotoFling Scotland: Man at Work
vedebe: Quand le travail est derrière soi.... / When work is behind you...
Rhisiart Hincks: Dyn y groesfan, Rheilffordd Tal-y-llyn
elbrozzie: Men at Work
FotoFling Scotland: All Aboard the Vaporetto
vedebe: Le "strieur"... / Stripes
vedebe: Tirer ou pointer? / Shooting or pointing?
elbrozzie: Man at Work
Sekitar: Karauli street scene, Rajasthan
vedebe: Prétention / Vainglory
gcarmilla: Day 120 of 365 - Action
FotoFling Scotland: Men at Work
FotoFling Scotland: Man at Work
Rhisiart Hincks: The Laurieston
Opsimath = late learner: Human zoo? or the brutality of existence