silvrmn: Rush Street Blues
silvrmn: Another Viagra Triangle Story #11
Hernan Restrepo: Portrait of CT singer and songwriter Elle Sera, shot in direct sunlight at the John J. Boccuzzi Park, in Stamford CT.
leo.roos: Summer is here
silvrmn: Side-Whisperer
RURO photography: China Light Jungle Book
John O Dyer: Reflection in the Shades
John O Dyer: Smile
John O Dyer: Woman Wearing Hat
Multielvi: At Rest
Multielvi: All Duded Up For Saturday Night
silvrmn: Mask Eyes #22
silvrmn: Lace + Straw
buddhadog: China 2008
Mickster.: Retro
silvrmn: Candid Portrait
♔ Georgie R: National Cycle Route 189~366
silvrmn: Not a Business Suit
ricko: Portrait of a Sinister Looking Bearded Man Wearing a Hat
TheJennire: TIJNeyewear
silvrmn: Perfectly Prepared for a Summer Day
silvrmn: Bicyclist #2
silvrmn: Bicyclist #3
silvrmn: Red Dress #2
silvrmn: Long Belt
Paul Comstock: self homeward from P'keepsie Station
silvrmn: Whatta' Hat!
silvrmn: Mask Eyes #6
silvrmn: Resort Wear on Rush St.