BarryFackler: penciled in
BarryFackler: Spotted Coral Blenny III
BarryFackler: back again
Aristides Díaz: Noche de bruma
Alex-de-Haas: North Atlantic Ocean visiting Strathy Point.
cxwww: window
memories of days gone by: Swallows and Amazons our morning out on the water
christianpietsch640: Kirschblüte
David J. Greer: Making Waves
David J. Greer: Two Families Close Together Alone at dusk
rod1691: O'Side Pier Blue Dawn 30-5-25-20-6D-17X40mm
votredame: La roccia con Martino e Giacomo
stephenhjcole: What a wonderful world
Larry Naess: The Blue Coast train.
mountain mike1: Dartmouth Castle Whitstable Groin | Kent Lone Whelker | Whitstable Beach
Julien Bihan: The famous Minou
Edd Allen: Birling Gap / December 20th
Andrew Hocking Photography: P O R T H K I D N E Y - S E N T I N E L S
Ioannis Ks: 3S (shadow, sand, sea)
Laurent TIERNY: Planer au gré du vent...
Ioannis Ks: Sunset over waves
ForceMajeureMontenegro: Corfu, Greece
Ian Toms: Sunset and a waxing crescent moon