johnsutton580: Scarlet Skimmer - Crocothemis servili (Female)
js19pv: A young male Paddyfield Parasol dragonfly
parmrussrap: Tramea lacerata #3
Fred_St: DSC09164 (Large)
ewan.ellman: male: espiadimonis de fanal (aeshna cyanea, Müller, 1764)
svjg67: Hembra de Sympetrum sanguineum
adamspat77: Common Darter -male .
Ricardo Menor: Calopteryx xanthostoma. Inmature male
Teo Martínez (temege): ¿Qué estás mirando? / What are you looking at?
johnsutton580: Scarlet Skimmer - Crocothemis servilia (Male)
jennyturner87: Common Darter and Green bottle fly.
David in SK6: Possible Migrant Hawker - Female??
js19pv: "Ghost" form of a female Yellow Featherlegs damselfly
js19pv: A female Yellow Featherlegs damselfly
enthusiastically unskilled: Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta)
Ruby 2417: Blue Dasher Dragonfly
David in SK6: Yellow Winged Darter
David in SK6: Common Darter
Fred_St: DSC01439.jpg
Fred_St: Ready for take off - DSC01438.jpg
ove ferling: Happy Look
davemitchell5: Before the sun came out...
Ricardo Menor: We tried
arkansas traveler: IMG_5304 Wearing Stilettos 9-2-13
johnsutton580: Eastern Amberwing - perithemis tenera (Female)
js19pv: A female Agriocnemis Minima damselfy
js19pv: A Crimson Dropwing dragonfly
norasphotos4u: Damsel Fly
ewan.ellman: lose up eyes of a common dartes (sympetrum striolatum)