danniepolley: Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
Ricardo Menor: Trithemis annulata. Young Male,
Naturebuggin: Twin-spotted Spiketail - really close
Judy Gallagher: Twin-spotted Spiketail - Cordelugaster maculata eating a wasp, Meadowood SRMA, Mason Neck, Virginia, April 15, 2021
Vicki's Nature: Common baskettail, female
WalrusTexas: Here Be Dragons
ParcelBye: Ischnura senegalensis - Common Bluetail
Ricardo Menor: Pyrrhosoma nimphula. Adult male
57Andrew: Anax immaculifrons - Fiery Emperor
js19pv: A female Aciagrion Occidentale damselfly
Perk's images: Gold-tipped Darner - Gynacantha tibiata (Aeshnidae) 110p-4773
arkansas traveler: IMG_5237 Not Fond of the Guy with the Camera 7-20-19
Ricardo Menor: Sympetrum sinaiticum. Adult male
danniepolley: Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
rstickney37: Harlequin Darner
rstickney37: Harlequin Darner
js19pv: An Aciagrion Occidentale damselfly
Cosper Wosper: Large red damselfly ~ Pyrrhosoma nymphula {explored}
davemitchell5: Emerald Damselfly (female)
lcolquitt997: Eyes of the Blue Dasher
Luís Gaifém: Platycnemis acutipennis (Selys, 1841)
Ricardo Menor: Sympecma fusca. Young female