BICIO ARRACO: come dorian gray
EyesnapArt: celeste_012f
Denise Gomez Markowski: Terlingua Ghost Town Texas
patrickgevaert: EU - FRANCE. River Loire. Sully adits beautiful castle.
patrickgevaert: EU - FRANCE. River Loire. Sully and its Medieval Castle build at the end of the 14 th century. The picture was taken on a Gitzo tripod with a Leica / Schneider R 28 mm shift lens.
MH Gabriel Arts: Title : Transfiguration of Emotionens - 2012
Doomsday Graphix: Amy - Dark Fairytales
David Murphy (Olympus E510 + Samsung S5 + Honor 10: Fountains Abbey cellarium, North Yorkshire, UK
Nigel Turner: Ruined Chapel, Nunhead Cemetery, London
gianguido.casalena: Red Carpet
patrickgevaert: EU - FRANCE. Château de la Roche Originally XIII th century overlooking the river Loire - now surrounded bij water in a lake.
David Murphy (Olympus E510 + Samsung S5 + Honor 10: Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire, UK
Luca Briccola: Sara C. (07/2019)
Luca Briccola: Sara C. (07/2019)
ktmqi: St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin
Luca Briccola: Sara C. (07/2019)
zdm69: Icy cold prevails in the abandoned cemetery.The night has supplanted the day and the proud moonfloats like a silver ball in the starry sky.The scream of a crow breaks the silence of death.
Luca Briccola: Sara C. (07/2019)
fengtoutou: Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar
Angélique K.: Into the dark
patrickgevaert: FRANCE Auxerre (Town) - Interior Abbaye de St-Germain XIII th century
ktmqi: Town Church, at the crossing
adriannah: At Sydney Uni
Christian Hacker: Church of St Michael the Archangel