Brian Southward: Strait is the gate...
michael_d_beckwith: Wells Cathedral Ceiling
michael_d_beckwith: Kirkstall Abbey Nave
Old Bluebeard: _SIC6810ABW
michael_d_beckwith: Salford Cathedral Choir
michael_d_beckwith: Beverley Minster Choir Aphelion
michael_d_beckwith: Canterbury Cathedral Cloisters
michael_d_beckwith: Lancaster Cathedral
michael_d_beckwith: Beverley Minster Nave
michael_d_beckwith: Sheffield Cathedral Nave
Brian Southward: In Arcadia
michael_d_beckwith: Winchester Cathedral Nave
Naomi Rahim (thanks for 5 million visits): Azulejos - Portuguese tiles in Lisbon
S. Taillifer [John T Allen]: "Nine Inch Nails: Live With_Teeth 2005: 10.29.05 [New Orleans]"
S. Taillifer [John T Allen]: AVM + Uunslit + Elisa [Single] (Back Cover)
S. Taillifer [John T Allen]: Blood Moon Pt.01 [Single] (Front Cover)
fengtoutou: Manchester Town Hall
S. Taillifer [John T Allen]: A Portrait in Flesh [Non-Item 01] (Front Cover)
michael_d_beckwith: Rievaulx Abbey Nave
michael_d_beckwith: The John Rylands Library Reading Room