Jerome Veilleux: French spaniel facing the sun
Stan S. Gallery: Teddy - Resting after a very busy day
timosantini: 20.1.2022
KronaPhoto: Squirrel, Norway
Molly Trew: Cock-a-doodle-doo!
marco monetti: Leon Zeiss
Scott M. Mohn: Orange Ball
Molly Trew: Portrait
timosantini: 16.8.2019 b
Jon in Thailand: ,, Big Dog Meeting ,,
mikehaui60: Zwerg Seidenhuhn 2
mikehaui60: Zwerg Seidenhuhn 1
E.K. Buddy: Happy the happy bird
Chad Baxter: Zelda - October, 2015
Ed's EOS: Our Daily Challenge - Indoors With Natural Light
Mirrorlesstyle: P1020262
Buck777: Evening rest
Jon in Thailand: ,, Tinker-Bell ,,
Jena Lynn Photography: White Angus - EXPLORED
KronaPhoto: Scary temptations, Zoo, Norway
frédérique21: Rares instants
Teena Maire: Tuckers first day home
Tõnno Paju: Suspicious jack russell Sara
Wayloncash: Hermine_20220114_174845
Wayloncash: Lucy&Alma_20220112_172345
Teena Maire: Pillow talk
Teena Maire: "How fascinating!"