maureen.elliott: Trapped In The Grass
MikeWeinhold: The Maritimes #3: Skyline Trail, Cape Breton National Park
mishlove1: 190621 - Nova Scotia - Halifax Harbour - Drunken Lampposts.
MikeWeinhold: Three Bald Eagles
MikeWeinhold: One Bald Eagle
Coastal Elite: Lightning and Thunderstorm in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 21 July 2019
jvde: Blomidon Cliffs and Waterfall
mishlove1: 190619 - The garden of @flyingaproncookery in Summerville NS,
mishlove1: 190619 - The garden of @flyingaproncookery in Summerville NS,
old_hippy1948: Mr_Nuts_ready_for_PEI-2_MaxHDR_Dehaze (1 of 1)
old_hippy1948: THC-1_MaxHDR_Dehaze (1 of 1)
old_hippy1948: 2019 - photo 202 of 365 - Horton Ridge Malt House
old_hippy1948: 2019 - photo 201 of 365 - vineyard panoramic
mishlove1: 190620 - Nova Scotia - Peggy's Cove @ Sunset.
MikeWeinhold: The Maritimes #1: Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
Avard Woolaver: Newport, Nova Scotia
Stabbur's Master: Titanic Graves
Port View: work in progress
internat: Growth among the rocks, Gaff Point Trail Nova Scotia 2
KellyMercer: Point Pleasant Park --3
jvde: Blomidon Low Tide
old_hippy1948: 2019 - photo 197 of 365 - restored blue face
old_hippy1948: stoned_yoga-1_MaxHDR_Dehaze (1 of 1)
Rodney Hickey Photography: Moon and Moody Clouds
jvde: Dancers at Halifax Greek Fest
Craigford: Sutherland Steam Mill Museum
The Mercurist: Arisaig Sinks
Rodney Hickey Photography: Mallard Chasing Osprey
Port View: the pull of the tide