canis6: bassotto-pistoia
canis6: bassotto-kaninchen-pistoia
canis6: bassoto-handler-ghezzi
weinermobile: My little burrito
weinermobile: Peanut
Barbara van der Linde: Explored Poes
weinermobile: Full speed ahead!!
rabidscottsman: 2014 Bark In The Park #33
FeatherFive: barking
Ramona Pioneer Girl: Take This and That and This and Oh A Back Rub
Ramona Pioneer Girl: Sweet Pea Enticing Me To Play
weinermobile: Miss Lily
bernard.bonifassi: Attentif le teckel
bernard.bonifassi: Nino et Pilou à fond
weinermobile: A dachshunds work is never done!
canis6: cucciolo Bassotto primi giorni
canis6: 78770111_2472658896117224_3964630555126923264_n
Hulya in Portland: Portland, Oregon: Izzy is letting me know, she does not like the current state of things....
njw28: Racing Daschund
weinermobile: Big Joe
Ramona Pioneer Girl: Um Momma, This Is My Goodie Drawer...
weinermobile: Who else, Peanut! :-)
bernard.bonifassi: Nino et Pilou
bernard.bonifassi: Chasseur passionné
weinermobile: Mr. P Butters
Ramona Pioneer Girl: Tramps Through The Tweeds
weinermobile: Peanut :-))