Ampersand72: Flower-eyed god
Ella Ladida: Selfportrait
Philip L Hinton A.R.P.S.: When the trees call your name
Tom Bagley: Horrorscape V
m.acqualeni: IMG_3586
surRANTo dwisaputra: the NYMPH - fall in the dark
COOLS Anthony: funeral bed
esfishdoc: Dissociation
esfishdoc: Shelter
COOLS Anthony: Mercure
Ampersand72: Midnight
brancusi7: Social Evolution
esfishdoc: Courtship
Josu Sein: Scream LXV (Abnormality is in the eye of the beholder)
esfishdoc: Offering
Josu Sein: Scream LXIV (message in a bottle)
Josu Sein: Scream LXIII (desempate)
alexipkrad: child's play
korro sv: Sedlec
Josu Sein: Scream LXII (selfish love)
korro sv: A statue at Vyšehrad cemetery
Ampersand72: Flower-eyed god: Portrait with purple
bernawy hugues kossi huo: Lumen Dei....Purifying the alchemist's body into transparent virgin... alignment (the inner straightness)...a deliberate act of no longer stopping the light....liberating the light confined in matter, the alchemists were endeavoring to redeem the spirit
Josu Sein: Scream LXI (gezurra)
spratpics: “Stripped of flesh, the hand still grasped for the gold, that remained just out of reach.”