Norm Powell: Steamtown - I, Scranton, PA, June, 2019
Steve Barowik: There will be support as well
a.fetting: Shadow on The Wall
a.fetting: Concrete II
Onascht: Kiekkaaste
Jason Khoo Photography: Before I eat let me say grace with my iphone
tquist24: Peaceful Papermill Pond
Martine Silver 57: L ESCARGOT
Peter Cheshire: 73107 "Tracy" +73141 "Charlotte"
Briren22: Suspendus
Joerg Kaftan: Get dark in the Cape of cats....., Atardeciendo en el Cabo de gatas......
Marga CM: Entreacto
dejankrsmanovic: Central Serbia Nature
With Nicole: A visual experience of flowers and colours at the park.
wingerjohanne: Trees with branches that are hanging over the water always look very thirsty to me. Maybe they are. So, it must be very nice for them to live by the sea when the summer is warm and lovely.
The way Mike sees it: Lower Manhattan at the Blue Hour
rod1691: Beautiful Cloudy Sunset Oceanside California From Our Dinning Room Canon50D
gnoongong/RICHARD ONG: Diners 2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
adamsdale616: DSC_5292
adamsdale616: DSC_5288
adamsdale616: DSC_5284
vita_z3: A masterpiece.
Thirsty Hrothgar: Summer storm 1
★Aymerich★: Rubber Bands