cathyho: Cheval d'Or-20221003-4
cathyho: Cheval d'Or-20221003-18
cathyho: Cheval d'Or-20221003-30
Kalboz: Fig Arak
Kalboz: G Burgers Fountain Valley
Florian106: Mein Neues Gewürzregal
knightbefore_99: Diner Style
Kalboz: G Burgers Fountain Valley
danimaniacs: 20220420_121437
cathyho: L'Ambroisie-20220909-12
cathyho: L'Ambroisie-20220909-4
cathyho: L'Ambroisie-20220909-17
cathyho: Le Doyenné-20220916-54
cathyho: Le Doyenné-20220916-33
cathyho: Le Doyenné-20220916-26
cathyho: Le Doyenné-20220916-20
Kalboz: Give us our Daily Bread!
Man_of Steel: Probably - THE BEST DISH I ATE, for my 21 days in Portugal
Kalboz: Dinner tonight
danimaniacs: 20220714_194816
cathyho: Bistrot des Tournelles-20221005-8
cathyho: Bistrot des Tournelles-20221005-4
cathyho: Dante-20221001-24
cathyho: Dante-20221001-7
cathyho: Dante-20221001-22
cathyho: Le Tour-Paris-20220910-39
cathyho: Le Tour-Paris-20220910-11
_BuBBy_: 2022 334/365 11/30/2022 WEDNESDAY - The Whole30 Salad Bowl with Chicken - Chipotle
cathyho: L'Ambroisie-20220625-54