brentjholmes: Waterfalls meet streams
Gallo Quirico: Lincoln Memorial
andre.j.: burg satzvey with viking boat
Zubuyer: On the wing I soar
luigi morante: Young Girl at a Sidewalk Café
Lucsaflex: landlopen
andre.j.: °°^^°° painted reflection ??? °°^^°°
wazari: Haunted...
andre.j.: °°-°°_°° chestnut birth °°_°°-°°
paololongo48: Controluce
cliffordsax: Bahian Sea
andre.j.: ^^°^^ °°°^°°° vinoxv °°°^°°° ^^°^^
cliffordsax: Sussex Landscape # 5
埋葬於樹林中的太陽: the Piano of Stillness
:: Fragile Glass ::: Derek Shanks Photography
andre.j.: °!° °^° °-° °~° four in a row °!° °^° °-° °~°
andre.j.: from down to up
ErreDi: Moon
andre.j.: unknown but a beauty.............. °-° °U°
mbromberger: Flamethrower
Didi van Frits: INGA and ALEX
Gianluca Milella: Walk the line
Gianluca Milella: Professing
Gianluca Milella: Out Of Sea
- Shiphattey -: - “Night brings our troubles to the light, rather than banishes them...” -
paololongo48: September sky lines
Tanjica Perovic: St Peter& Paul's Day. Tanjica Perovic Photography.
BjornC: Old School House