moonjazz: All Souls Together We Are One, A Music Video Celebration of Love
bob the builder of luv: a day in the life
Teknófilo: Bokeh effect video with Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
bob the builder of luv: crab experiment 1
bob the builder of luv: conversation perplexation
Josh Rokman: 'Purple Blue Black' - short film
Josh Rokman: Harvard Square
Josh Rokman: 'In a Distant Galaxy' - Surreal Art Video (3min preview)
West Tribe: Cape St. Mary's, Placentia & Gros Morne NP, Nfld, Canada, 3DR Solo, Go Pro Hero 4, Black Edition & Nikon D5300
Josh Rokman: 'Night Game' (Lumix G85 & Nikon Nikkor f/1.2 lens)
Josh Rokman: Boston III (Lumix G85 Video)
Josh Rokman: Boston (Lumix G85 & Nikon Nikkor f/1.2 lens)
moonjazz: The Magic of Living
Josh Rokman: Lumix G85 Video (3min Preview)
moonjazz: Skogafoss Waterfall
moonjazz: Sweet Creek WaterFall, Oregon Hiking
Josh Rokman: A New Beginning
Josh Rokman: Video I made for my new song "Midnight Sahara Dancer"
Polterguy40: Boston - Where the Rainbow Ends!
bob the builder of luv: black rabbit by switch affect
Polterguy40: Boston - Saxophone Kid playing Uptown Funk.
bob the builder of luv: we are nothing
Josh Rokman: Surreal Art Video (preview)
Polterguy40: Georgie?!
Polterguy40: Dreamscape Lightening Storm!
Josh Rokman: Cycling DSLR Video - World First - "Rotation II" (preview)
Josh Rokman: Clouds
Polterguy40: He Made Some Money!