leavingorbit: Poppies
shelly.morgan50 (mostly off): Vibrant Red Chrysanthemums
nolehace: Masdevallia veitchiana 'Sol' species orchid in my garden; can also be found at 2000 to 4000 meters in elevation around machu picchu in peru
Devall Paul: The last bud
shelly.morgan50 (mostly off): Bright Red Dahlia
EllaH52: a rainy day
EllaH52: red rose
EllaH52: this irresistible colour
EllaH52: green and red
EllaH52: messing around with old photographs
EllaH52: red flower
Stu.G: Roses (33/52)
EllaH52: nature's perfection
EllaH52: willowherb 2
nolehace: Masdevallia (Red Wing x welischii) hybrid orchid 6-19
robin denton: Crocosmia
EllaH52: red and green
EllaH52: red rose
EllaH52: touched by the sun
CCphotoworks: Red Dahlia
EllaH52: willowherb
EllaH52: rhododendron
EllaH52: pink
kahem54: Joli Coquelicot
kahem54: Au coeur du Coquelicot
nolehace: camellia in the garden
leavingorbit: Not a rose