BenBuildsLego: Life Changing Decision
BarryFackler: Duke's statue
BenBuildsLego: Human Triumph
BenBuildsLego: It Says Right Here
jacquemart: Rondanini Faun
jacquemart: Rondanini Faun
jacquemart: Rondanini Faun
jacquemart: Discuss Thrower
jacquemart: Rondanini Faun Seated Statue & Street Landscape, Voronezh, Oblast, Russian Federation. Dragon Sculpture, Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand.
ktmqi: Visiting a old friend
ktmqi: Visiting a old friend.
ArtFan70: Firefighters
BenBuildsLego: Unbridled
johnbell18: Osaka, Japan
johnbell18: Osaka, Japan
ktmqi: Florence, South Carolina
just.Luc: Dornauszieher (1886) # 2
jacquemart: Paris & Helen meet, assisted by the gods, 1st C BC
jacquemart: Scylla and Centaur, c. 120 BC
brienbouyea: Keeneland Race Course
brienbouyea: Keeneland Race Course
Brule Laker: Burgos Look Out Somebody Is Behind You, Small Statues, Museum Of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo, Egypt.
BenBuildsLego: Looking Forward to It Statue Of General James Wolfe, Royal Observatory Greenwich, Greenwich Park, Greenwich, London, England.
jacquemart: Helen of Troy, Canova
jacquemart: Head of Odysseus, Roman, 1st C
jacquemart: Bust of the Blind Poet, Homer, Roman, end of 2nd century, BC (2)