acornuser: _IMG6785
LOKKOFOTO: Old haunts
Dudes Trips: Hvítserkur - Iceland
Mondmann: One Life Wonder
LOKKOFOTO: Eglwys Cwyfan
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Dudes Trips: All you need is love
Mondmann: PAHO
Darblanc ( ): Speed... This Is What I Need (S66a)
terryquinn555: Damselfly
inspiring.images: An old Summer beauty
dctsct: Considering Its Prey
Hier und Jetzt: blühendes Leben...
inspiring.images: Rolling through the poppy fields ...
Mondmann: Skyline
dctsct: Smoke in the Canyon
Georges de D.: Mosteiro de Batalha 4
Mondmann: Safe Place
Hier und Jetzt: Labyrinth of Passions...
inspiring.images: Fields of memories ...
Darblanc ( ): The Last In Red (S59b)
Hier und Jetzt: Der Dom...
Darblanc ( ): Red Leaves Tunnel (S58a)
Hier und Jetzt: Regnerisch....
Dudes Trips: Seljalandsfoss and its surroundings
Georges de D.: Meringues
Mondmann: Paddle Boat Rental Guy
Mondmann: Monochrome Memorial