Toshi_Tokyo: M0002481
KyotoDreamTrips: Autumn Scenery at Ryūon-ji Temple in Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture.
Toshi_Tokyo: M0003029
Toshi_Tokyo: M0003180
Kouidomino: Leaf cemetery
snowshoe hare*: cascade of autumn leaves
gnsk: osanpo_342
¨Weston¨: Acer palmatum
¨Weston¨: Acer palmatum
¨Weston¨: Acer palmatum
Toshi_Tokyo: M0002901
Toshi_Tokyo: M0003103
gnsk: osanpo_341
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001612
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001481
Kouidomino: Fall, fell, fallen.
Kouidomino: Autumn postcard
Kouidomino: Red leaf swimming pool
Kojiro_Musashi: show me, show me!
Kojiro_Musashi: transformation
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001299
gnsk: osanpo_340
KyotoDreamTrips: Kitaoji Nishizume Bridge with a view of Kamo-River in Kyoto.
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001723
Toshi_Tokyo: M0002524
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001553
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001320
gnsk: osanpo_339
Toshi_Tokyo: M0003086
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001696