James Bedster: P1169343-Edit.jpg
loveexploring: Micranthes nelsoniana - Heartleaf saxifrage
James Bedster: P1169314-Edit-2.jpg
[-Ash-]: Dragonfly
hedera.baltica: Green woodpecker
hedera.baltica: Bird's-foot trefoil
judmac1: Blue with a heart of gold
material guy: green heron
markcfclauri: Bee on sunflower 30-9-23-2-2
schonenburg2: 20230930 - DSC06103 - Rietdijk
nplv18: Profile Falls
hjuengst: Under the rainbow
Philippe POUVREAU: Phoque commun
listera_ovata: Lucky Luke
ratexla (protected by Pixsy): 20210810_06 Big pine by trail in Tiveden National Park, Sweden
JimmyPierce: ballinafid - westmeath
Mal from North Yorkshire: Night-time Waiting
Deborah Kotovsky: Prospero autumnale.
Jay Dee Texas: Harvest Moon clouds Sept 29 2023
photo_by_Hansi: green forest
skolavellir12: Haust við Sog
WonderfulSnaps.com: A peacock head in close-up
amarihamadene: The House of the Bend
SHAN DUTTA: Very secretive while calculating his next move!
Roberta Gargiulo: Otago Peninsula
Uviéu: Garza blanca
C.Kaiser: Los Glaciares National Park
LaVa(c): United Colours of Autumn