andrefromont: Deux gouttes d'eau
Rafal Rafalski: Henry St.
dc.roake: S Gates
philou.61: Der Gartenzwerg / The garden gnome
alexanderxphoto: HOUSE IN THE WOODS
Baz 120: Things to do before breakfast.
Baz 120: All we cannot see.
Baz 120: Art of distancing!
Baz 120: Summer of goodbyes.
Finding Chris: Life’s a beach (1)
Robbie McIntosh: (8 AM: Mortadella Sandwich & White Wine)
Baz 120: Sunny with a chance of meatballs.
Baz 120: I have no mouth and I must scream.
Robbie McIntosh: (Breakfast In Colonna Spezzata)
BazAllen: Untitled - Goodison Rd. L4.
Piergen: IMG_4826-3
dc.roake: 90 Degrees
rockoretardo: L1100332
Baz 120: At night we walk in circles.
Baz 120: Never carry a Prada bag to the unemployment office.
Enrico Markus Essl: the great escape
Robbie McIntosh: (The Underground Lovers of Monachelle)
Peter_Conzelmann: jolly good chap
Rafal Rafalski: Exchequer St.
markwilkins64: Nice view of the sea Sir?.....
Baz 120: More happy than not.
Baz 120: Trail of tears.
philou.61: In der Hinterhand / Backhand