Jan Jacob Trip: 191020_000053
Jan Jacob Trip: 191025_000055
mkk707: Purple pre-sunrise sky with contrails
mcdolan79: 1976 Mt. Blanc
mcdolan79: Early morning dew frost on tree tops.
mcdolan79: 1970,... Big Boy # 4005 in Forney Museum in Denver.
TablinumCarlson: Simply & Elegant
Jan Jacob Trip: 190829_000055
Jan Jacob Trip: 190826_000062
Jan Jacob Trip: 190822_000042
mcdolan79: 1970 Big Boy 4-8-8-4 Locomotive #4005 on temporary track at Forney Museum in Denver.
mcdolan79: Old Hicksville NY 2019 Goldman Brothers building on left.....In the middle,at shadow end was Willian Braun house.
ronn.aldaman: Sleeper in Yaowarat, Chinatown
Vygintas R.: View through windows of Gariūnai Business and Culture Park
woltarise: Le cœur est sensible à la Nature...
mcdolan79: 1970 August. Big Boy 4-8-8-4 # 4005 , This engine was donated to the Forney Museum in Denver, Colo. in June 1970'
MoonCCat: Into the woods
sick of work: P1070620
Jan Jacob Trip: 191027_000041
MoonCCat: Into the woods 1
Jan Jacob Trip: 191003_000027
nick33333: Best friends
nick33333: Clean sweep
nick33333: On the watch
nick33333: Priced to sell
nick33333: Wait for it
Kimi Wu 1973: 秋意濃
Jan Jacob Trip: 191027_000047
Jan Jacob Trip: 191025_000063