yeahwotever: Snow Blind.
yeahwotever: A very cool SuperDawg.
yeahwotever: The Ice Hound.
Xena*best friend*: ❅♞ Gigia ♞❅
Xena*best friend*: Monica Bellucci ❅
Xena*best friend*: Where Did You Put My Skis? ❅ ❅ ❅
Xena*best friend*: Peak Performance ❅
Xena*best friend*: ❅ Brad Pitt ❅
yeahwotever: Mountain Critter runs.
MedicalRx: Fall / First Snow
MedicalRx: Dexter & Pups Snow Fun
yeahwotever: Sooooper Dogs.
yeahwotever: Snow Beast.
cascorn: DSC_9011
cascorn: Caset & Otis
cascorn: Otis
cascorn: Casey
cascorn: Casey
cascorn: The boys
cascorn: The boys
cascorn: Otis
yeahwotever: Red Light Dogs.
yeahwotever: Dockside Dog.
yeahwotever: Mooching Mutts.
cascorn: Highland Cow
cascorn: Snowscene
cascorn: Highlandcoo
cascorn: Casey
tmboada: Schönbrun at Vienna's Easter