pburka: No more white presidents
thebiblioholic: IMG_5464_p
yeahwotever: Sign Face
Robert S. Photography: 34th Street Penn Station
BH_NYC: Holtzman & Paris, Borough Park
BH_NYC: __Still Liquors, Bensonhurst
BH_NYC: Aged Horse Manure, City Island
BH_NYC: NYC Speed Camera Ahead, Travis
BH_NYC: Don't Shit Here Please, Lower East Side
Eating In Translation: Joe Junior all beef burgers (detail), Joe Junior Restaurant, Third Ave, Manhattan
BH_NYC: One strange ATM, Hudson Square
BH_NYC: Big Concrete ATM We Call New York, Midtown
BH_NYC: Manhattan is Sinking, City Hall Area
BH_NYC: Charlie & Bros Fish Market, Bensonhurst
BH_NYC: The LO phone exchange stood for LOngacre, the pre-1904 name of Times Square
Eating In Translation: Independent Subway, surviving signage, 14th St station for the F and L trains, Manhattan
Eating In Translation: "The best Chinese food," Broadway, Manhattan
Loon Man Returns: Won't you come home, Bill Bailey?
BH_NYC: Weber and Heilbroner, Herald Square
BH_NYC: Horn & Hardart, Midtown
BH_NYC: Surviving mid-century subway signage, Brooklyn
BH_NYC: From the storefront awning school of philosophical discourse, Jamaica
BH_NYC: Edelstein & Son Roofing
Loon Man Returns: 200811020084
BH_NYC: G.G. Photo Studio, East Harlem
BH_NYC: You'll be amazed YEAAAA, Flatiron District
BH_NYC: Beware of Wife, Grasmere
BH_NYC: Beautiful old Travel Bureau sign, Belmont
BH_NYC: Beware of Cat, Port Richmond
BH_NYC: Lots of slow cats around here, Broad Channel