maantotski: waxing crescent
nicklucas2: Moon 2021-04-16
Sculptor Lil: 3 day old Waxing Cresent Moon 15 April 2021
astrorock999: Pano de jour - 7 tuiles
razielabulafia: UV photograph of the increasing crescent Earth during the homeward journey, Apollo 15, August 1971
Luis Rojas M.: Eclipse Lunar - Santiago de Chile
apfrsscf: Lunar Cycle 8x10
ragger65: Waxing Crescent Moon
BooBoo Zeyla: Last nights Waxing Crescent Moon 15/04/21 10.7% illumination A7RIV+200-600mm + 1.4 TC crop mode. 96 stacked images (25% stack). Sharpening in Photoshop Astra image filter
kevin-palmer: Red Lodge Mountain Moon
Abey22: Nuthatch
Joe Bob Brim: Fly Me to the Moon - Jan 10, 2020
Jeannot7: Last Evenings Waxing Crescent Moon @ 5%
Sculptor Lil: 2 day old Waxing Crescent Moon 14 April 2021
Charlie Wambeke Photography: Waxing Crescent Moon over San Francisco 1.27 visible moon age 1.06 days manual exposure at 1/125 second 20210414-193606 cw50 C4
Dominique Dierick: Crescent Moon with 50 years old vintage SYW/Yamamoto refractor
nicklucas2: Moon 2021-04-14
apfrsscf: 1_8d Crescent Moon 041321 _9727_DxO afphoto
roykeeris: Ramadan moon
José M. Arboleda: Luna creciente
astronut2007: Waxing Crescent Moon
Joe Bob Brim: The 24-hour Crescent Moon - April 19, 2007
Sculptor Lil: New Moon 13 April 2021
Border Rovers: Full Moon Etal
dr.medox: Ramadan Crescent
Mrxh00: Moonquakes......
Tigerhase.: Colored Moon - April Fools
roykeeris: Thin moon crescent