Madonovan: Spring is Here!
Frau Koriander: HBW 9/2020: blooming tree
ai3310X: Japanese Plum
microwyred: Blossom
~*sternenstaub*~: Winterkirsche
Madonovan: Spring blossoms
witajny: April_2014
witajny: April I
Ross Dunn: Catalpa
heinrich.hehl: Vorboten des Frühlings - Harbinger of spring
omirou56: DSC09969
Ross Dunn: Catalpa
ai3310X: Japanese Plum
ai3310X: Japanese Plum
Swallowtail Garden Seeds: Glorious mudgee wattle. Acacia spectabilis. One the most beautiful Acacias. Bright, clear, golden yellow flower balls stunning, against back ground of gray leaves. March-April blooms are lightly scented, weight causes branches to partially weep. (1842)
~*sternenstaub*~: Winterkirsche
namhdyk: Plum Blossoms
ai3310X: Ume
Swallowtail Garden Seeds: Royal Poinciana, Flame tree, Gulmohar. Delonix regia [as Poinciana regia] Fleurs, fruits et feuillages choisis de l'ille de Java -peints d'après nature par Berthe Hoola van Nooten (1880)
tombrewster6154: IMG_1622 May 13, 2018
tombrewster6154: Front of House July 2 2017
hanley.will: Flowering Apricot macro
Jane L Edwards: Pussy Willow
Jane L Edwards: Plum Blossom
Noelia Uroz: Summer in spring
Elisa1880: Spring