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matheano: 12-9-20
Etching Stone: waving my arm in the air
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bilwander: Greece central, Gorgopotamos river, the WWII sabotaged railway bridge
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Red Cathedral [ FB theRealRedCathedral ]: “It will start getting cooler, just you watch.” #DonaldTrump
bilwander: Greece, South East Aegean Sea, Ro island, aerial view at landing approach to Kastelloriz island o
bilwander: Greece, South East Aegean Sea, Kastellorizo (Megisti) island, P26 Deyannis light missile boat on patrol
Kombizz: Palestinian Child Prisoners in Israel
bilwander: USA. New York, Ground Zero memorial, remembering the perished of 9/11
bilwander: Greece, Piraeus, Perama Shipyard, Iron Cutting
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Pascal Rey Photographies: Tomato Ketchup fait maison pour se libérer de l'alimentation industrielle qui nous empoisonne.
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