Ralexas: Bunter Kerzenschein / Colourful candlelight
dw*c: A night out in Melbourne
Christina 25: Say a little prayer for me
Ralexas: Licht- und Farbenspiel / Light and colour
albertusmagnus: Ben and Max....father with new born son
Nicola Rebaioli: Devozioni
miguel.discart: 2019-06-05_19-30-51_ILCE-6500_DSC04205_DxO
dw*c: Jade Temple, Saigon, Vietnam
joeldinda: Columbine
miguel.discart: 2019-04-22_14-48-34_ILCE-6500_DSC08941_DxO
miguel.discart: 2019-04-22_14-44-51_ILCE-6300_DSC12890_Kiri_DxO
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Boonlong1: Lighting candles, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral
Maarten Kleijkamp: CANDLE LIGHT 2
miguel.discart: 2019-04-05_10-40-41_ILCE-6300_DSC12245_Kiri_DxO
MWBee: Widow dedicated to Sir Gilbert Greenall who had the church built, completed in 1885.
Yesteryear-Automotive: Candle in the wind. Macro-Mondays "Four Elements"
Boonlong1: Lighting candles, Mtskheta, Georgia
Zunkkis: Smells like Holy Spirit
Zunkkis: Odor of Pope
Marcos V.: Cera en ebullición
photographISO: candles in a cave
marinadelcastell: Seven attitudes