IceFireTerry: Candle
IceFireTerry: Candle
jhberger505: Candlelight vigil for victims of the March 22 Boulder mass murder, Pearl Street Mall, Boulder, Colorado
jasamataz: An Old Flame
arnthorr: Power of Nature
Samandocana: Finalidad
N. S. Gittings: Candle & Hurricane Glass (B&W)
Crystal Green Photography: Reading Glasses
memoryweaver: Eastern Promise.
jacqueslbarbery: Fin de bougie
DODCph0tography: Tea light candle
Tricia H C: Unlit Cancle
Fooltography: IMG_8571-
Sabinche: heart candle
darinanchor: Two Hearts in Love
geraldine.conrad: Le grand jour!!!
Uup115: Ice Lantern
Uup115: May the Light be with You .... Happy New Year 2021!
verruckt42: Zen Doodle Heart w. Flame
Vincent_H.: _MG_7219.jpg
Vincent_H.: _MG_7388.jpg
Cary Pohlhammer: Day 36 - Candle
Thomas Meier-Löpfe: Zu später Stunde
Nikonflasher -: Christmas candle
Matthew Huntbach: 2017 Paschal Candle
♔ Georgie R: Candlemas 33/365 (7/2225)
docmarcel: Chandelles.