3d kid: High Rise Fire Escape
French_Rookie: Selfhand
French_Rookie: Good morning
Мaistora: Guiding light
philou.61: Wassertannen / Water fir
philou.61: Himmel auf Erden / Heaven on earth
Thomas Listl: Offering
French_Rookie: Magic bench
3d kid: Roger's Hotel - Waxahachie TX
RubyT (I come here for cameraderie): licorice candy universe
3d kid: Old Red and Golden Bricks
NoNo Joe: More adventures with the Fujifilm and Austin
French_Rookie: Occupied fence
Thomas Listl: Tried but Failed
philou.61: Nationalfeiertag / National holiday
Thomas Listl: Dwell in Peace
3d kid: View From Below
philou.61: Betongrün I / Cement green I
philou.61: Betongrün II / Cement green II
soulberger: changes
3d kid: Diagonal Shadows
Thomas Listl: Remember