gibbspaulus: “When you were short and scottish you’d have sorted this in five minutes.” “When I was short and scottish I’d’ve happily wiped you from the timelines,”
weeLEGOman: LEGO Doctor Who
gibbspaulus: “Da-leks have no con-cept of el-e-gance!” “This is obvious.”
gibbspaulus: The rotting wreck of a man lurched out of the shadows.
zaxone1: IMG_20210221_170827
gibbspaulus: “Nerys is gonna dine out on this for months - death by hentai!!”
The Crow2: The Doctor in the Library
gibbspaulus: “Hold your ground, Sergeant. This is going to make one hell of a jigsaw!”
gibbspaulus: “I was born in these parts. Well, within a couple of billion miles...”
zaxone1: IMG_20210207_133430
gibbspaulus: “Aggressive rhubarb!”
maczeug2: A new type of Daleks...
Nata Luna: ruth doctor outfit upgrade
gibbspaulus: “Ace, I seem to recall a conversation in the TARDIS about not being mean to the nice Cyberleader?” “Yeah, sorry, Professor. It’s just we’ve got previous!”
Rob Johnstone: Sixty Seven - I feel drawn to it!
Rhisiart Hincks: Cefnogaeth i Ddalec / Dalek Support Worker
Nata Luna: gomez!master doll finished
Nata Luna: Dhawan!M finished
Nata Luna: gomez!master
Rhisiart Hincks: Dr Who - Goleuadau Blackpool / Blackpool Illuminations
Rhisiart Hincks: Wedi ei amgylchynu / Surrounded
Rhisiart Hincks: Ble mae'r Doctor? / Where's the Doctor? - Blackpool
Nata Luna: Bill Potts - finished
gibbspaulus: “Darn them all to heck!”
KaijuBuildz: Lego Dalekticons MOC/MOD
Chris Blakeley: you thought barstow was bad...