pixbyroland.com: les 4 cavaliers
TikoTak: Paysage en triptyque
JJR1770: Deep in the woods, the wildflowers grow.
gotan-da: time traveller
Milly M.: Three Little Fishes.
Tinas Art *: Years ago I worked at a greenhouse and was told by a horticulturist that a true white flower has a tint of green in it. This is the first white Zinnia I ever planted from seed and the green tint in it tells me it's true.
pixbyroland.com: portrait de femme V
pixbyroland.com: portrait de femme IV
pixbyroland.com: Portrait de femme III
pixbyroland.com: portrait de femme II
pixbyroland.com: Portrait de femme I
gotan-da: Perugia
gotan-da: bad dreams will faint
Tinas Art *: You never get away from that thing in your hometown that it has over you. You don't outgrow where you come from. ~ Brian Fallon
gotan-da: fairytale
JJR1770: "Early summer days are a jubilee time for birds." E.B. White
ines_hutz: Look to the east
ines_hutz: Under the surface
Jen's Photography: Buddha: lights & wires
gotan-da: Arezzo
gotan-da: gothic
gotan-da: close to the water's edge
gotan-da: Italian nights
Milly M.: Levitation.
ines_hutz: Lights out
gotan-da: door
gotan-da: old tree
Tinas Art *: Caladiums and begonias in a #terracotta pot on my back porch ya'll.
gotan-da: tree of life