skysthelimit333: HORSE CROSSING
JoTomOz: IMG_7690 2_ha_c
earl.baugh: Carly1 snow_
b56n22: Animals at Yala National Park
Nicolas Coevoet: 20191103_145531_0
elkarrde: Autumn in the countryside: improvised scare-crow
Pascal Volk: November-Rose
rob orchard: Gaygirl at the Green Door Store 7/11/19
Pascal Volk: Laub am Baum
Garsia2: elmar 135mm
Garsia2: elmar 135mm
Garsia2: elmar 135mm
The lens profile: Into the light
zuffleking: Some sort of weed
kendavis510: "Leonard"
Nicolas Coevoet: 20190709_202807
skysthelimit333: SUNSET STARTER
Nicolas Coevoet: 20191103_144537
Future-Echoes: Reflected Bokeh
joinusnow: P.Angenieux 135mm f3.5
AstroBackyard: California Nebula at 135mm
Occasionally Focused: Grevillea redux redux
leo.roos: Photavit II (1938) with Meyer Primotar 4,2cm F2.8
Nicolas Coevoet: 20191103_145047_0
leo.roos: Tess in purple
Future-Echoes: Bluebells
Nicolas Coevoet: 20191103_160811