+Rei+: Flame
glitteringcastle: Délicatesse
G-TAKI: 命の調べ ⅩⅢ.Ⅶ.Ⅳ
Chantepierre: Devil is back in town
Naeko.B ⚓: Zélia | Pullip Kirsche
にっし-: 田沢湖の夕景
assamcat: Go ask Alice...
lenka-lis: The flaming heart
Naeko.B ⚓: Aksinya | Pullip Victorique de Blois
smart991210: 夜*花
Ateens Chen: Another Night In Paradise
Naeko.B ⚓: ??? | Isul Midnight Déjà-vu
_babycatface_: "We are enjoying our vacation, and are not coming back to school ever"
+Rei+: Sunset
Pana Doll: early moning lake
Ateens Chen: A tale of starry melodies
abuwhobi: _DSC1341
コギ~ィ: 深青
cureilona of Lightpainted Doll: Lightpainted Doll Titania, OOAK porcelain articulated doll (BJD), 2017. Porcelain, hand-sculpted with silver incrustations, painted and sculpted "freehand", no moulds. Miniature, circa 1:12 scale.
Dyatel Woody: Alien LOVE♥
Sugar Lokifer: gentlemen prefer blondes
+Rei+: Curves
(old account) Koala Krash: {蒼星石} "It's been so long"
Naeko.B ⚓: Indigo | Pullip Prunella
kingdomdoll: Disco metal
Antique Wolf: Miss Betty Wintour
(old account) Koala Krash: [UrbEx] Unlock Secret Chapter {Manor of the Forgotten Bride}
Antique Wolf: Miss Montgomey Fox