Palle Bang: Christmas
mariannapirrone: Giorgio ❤
Palle Bang: Monkey Christmas
ARBaurial: Danish Royal Guard marching band in Strøget, Copenhagen
ARBaurial: Strøget, Copenhagen
Gate Gustafson: Stir of echoes
ARBaurial: Tivoli ice sculptures
ARBaurial: Red Barnets Julestue - the Save the Children Fund stall in Ribe
ARBaurial: Chinese pagoda in Tivoli
ARBaurial: Hotel Nimb
Palle Bang: It's beginning.........
ARBaurial: Shopping in Ribe at Christmas
tagois: Pariserhjul
beritbuch: Christmas skagen 15
ARBaurial: Main entrance to Tivoli
tagois: Alter
ARBaurial: Ziggy
ARBaurial: Soldier holding up handrail, Tivoli Pleasure Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark
ARBaurial: A tree full of hearts in Tivoli
ARBaurial: Hotel D'Angleterre, Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen
ARBaurial: Julemanden Vækkes - Santa wakes up
ARBaurial: Julemanden
ARBaurial: Nisser
ARBaurial: Ribe Christmas Market stalls
ARBaurial: Peters Jul, Christmas stalls in the Market Square, Ribe, Denmark.
ARBaurial: Kanekørsel - Sleigh Ride
tagois: Svane