devonaldjohndavies: the big sleep
kaumpphoto: untitled
walter_b61: Fgl209-Ftg16
kaumpphoto: untitled
Jan Březina: This is the first picture I made of this beautiful soul and great actor Filip, when we met for the first time before I casted him as a leading character in my film.
cadd: 120 b&w film, March 2014, James H Cadden 3
KidArkon: Ennuie
pyhalaer: Lonkero
pyhalaer: Wave
minka6: Mamiya 7ii 65mm Ilford HP5 It's teamwork
kaumpphoto: untitled
devonaldjohndavies: it’s all over now baby blue
devonaldjohndavies: Saint John’s Church (1476) CARDIFF December 2019.
yorgolee: Learning
kaumpphoto: war-machine
kaumpphoto: city-nights
CroytaqueCie: Julien Biget
wetmorew: Trappist Monastery
wetmorew: Housekeeping at the B Ocean
kaumpphoto: untitled
kaumpphoto: untitled
werner-marx: Morning walk at Lake Kell
sowhat63: sculpture
werner-marx: Foggy morning near Lake Kell
ο: street
ο: courtyard