Fernando Two Two: Monumento a la Vaquilla del Ángel
A Shed of Photos: Salisbury cathedral
Morton1905: 20101030 S 0284 Mirano_11
millicand79@gmail.com: Ataturk Monument, Beykoy, Turkish Republic Of North Cyprus.
millicand79@gmail.com: Ataturk Monument, Dogankoy, Turkish Republic Of North Cyprus.
Anne & David (Use Albums): Borneo. Sabah. Malaysia.
Henk Bekker: Magdeburger Reiter
Christophe Girod: Église Saint-Sauveur du Petit Andely
Nathan_Arrington: The Arts of War & Peace
sonobugiardo: berlino - 25-09 04-10 2013 - monumento in unter den linden
jacquemart: The Promenade
ArtFan70: top: Louisiana History And Life Frieze; center: The Patriots; center right: Hernando De Soto [from Historical Panels]
MMR Dad: Moses Cleaveland Statue
MMR Dad: “Founder” of Cleveland
MMR Dad: Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument
MMR Dad: Bob Feller Statue
millicand79@gmail.com: Master Mariners Homes Statue And Clock Tower, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, England.
lionel.lacour: Statue of Francis Borgia
Teseum: Art Deco
Teseum: Male Figure
MisterQque: FDR Memorial - Monuments Washington DC
jacquemart: Rugby, Thomas Arnold
sonobugiardo: cosenza - novembre 2014
Matt H. Imaging: Poor Admiral
crikiss: Catania
MMR Dad: Jim Thorpe Statue