James Marvin Phelps: Elizalde Cement Company Ruins
James Marvin Phelps: The Weakest Link
James Marvin Phelps: Graffiti and Bullet Holes
KPortin: Heads
KPortin: Going Down
Rafael Rijo: Guincho From Peninha
James Marvin Phelps: Road to Nowhere
KPortin: An Elegant Home
Jose Matutina: Grafton Ghost Town in Utah
wayne672345: railway museum ghost
wayne672345: railway museum ghost
KPortin: Another View
KPortin: What is left of Bannack
Rocky Pix: Death and autumn
James Marvin Phelps: Interior View
James Marvin Phelps: Abandoned Miners Cabin
KPortin: Hotel Meade
m01229: Old, abandoned whitewashed small building, taken in rural Wyoming, near Carter
m01229: Old abandoned building in rural Ovid, Idaho on a sunny day
m01229: Ovid, Idaho - September 20, 2020: Old, creepy abandoned Dolls store building, on a sunny day
LondonerJK: Silver Terrace Cemetery
walkerross42: Oils and Repairs
KPortin: The Legend of the Methodist Church
Jose Matutina: The Wagon at Grafton
KPortin: Toys
Scrubhiker (USCdyer): Fort Union Hospital Ruins
Josh 223: Golden Glow
Rocky Pix: King coal
James Marvin Phelps: Wearing Away