CTfotomagik: Deserted Farmhouse
Antonio Violi: The Ancient Pentedattilo
.Ken Foto: Ace of Cups
<<Purple Bullet>>: Bodie Ghost Town.
James Marvin Phelps: Out of Gas
vambo25: Rusting auto, Ballarat ghost town, Death Valley
joeqc: Silverdyke Nevada
flyingaxel: Glenrio, Texas - Population: 0
Gay-in-Spandex: The Nipton Cart Wheel
Antonio Violi: Pentedattilo
Gay-in-Spandex: Old Glory and the Nipton Trading Post
h willome: railroad tressle
h willome: structure with sod roof
h willome: large building shell
h willome: Sego Canyon cemetery
James Marvin Phelps: Picture Window
arbyreed: Ramshakle
arbyreed: Stop the Music
ccbutch: Dental Room sign, Gold King Mine Ghost Town 8/9/213
James Marvin Phelps: Longstreet Cabin
adzamba: New Digg'ns
adzamba: Oatman Theater Bldg.
jrtce1: Haunted House
Jose Matutina: Ludlow, CA
Gay-in-Spandex: Sage Brush Country
Gay-in-Spandex: Sagebrush Country Sunset
Gay-in-Spandex: Sagebrush Country Sunset
Jose Matutina: The Train is Coming
vambo25: Nelson ghost town, Nevada.
vambo25: Corrugated iron storefront, Randsburg, California