Churches from Romania: IMG_20190810_151500040
Dave Owens (Widnes): Catholic Church Tower (Sibiu, Romania)
Dave Owens (Widnes): Pay close attention to what you see and feel"
Dave Owens (Widnes): Is that a "C"?
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Churches from Romania: IMG_20200628_162814116_HDR
ciobotaru.ionutandrei: IMG_20200628_145614853_HDR
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Jorge Lansarin: DSC03092-Pano
Jorge Lansarin: DSC03079
Jorge Lansarin: DSC02986-Pano
Jorge Lansarin: DSC02970
Jorge Lansarin: DSC00556
Marco Moerland: Industrie
Dave Owens (Widnes): Joseph and his amazing technicolour schemecoat
Dave Owens (Widnes): Fan Dancer on the Edge of Time
Dave Owens (Widnes): The King of Brass
Dave Owens (Widnes): “You talkin' to me?”
xulescu_g: Valea Crăpăturii (crack valley), Piatra Craiului mountains, Romania
brainiac220: Fly above
Best of Rob: Apr 00 - In Sighetu Marmatiei ('Sighet'), Maramures region, Romania
Marco Moerland: Sinterklaas
Best of Rob: Apr 00 - En route east from Bogdan Voda towards Moldavia, Maramures
brainiac220: Afternoon relaxing
gerdjandijk: Segesvár bw2
Dave Owens (Widnes): Number Seventy-Six
Dave Owens (Widnes): Stadium squares
Dave Owens (Widnes): Mathias Rex Resplendent