smittyguy: FACE PLANT
HereInVancouver: Usually, it's the dog who wears the 'collar of shame'
jrunions1: Fish restaurant
James Gonneau: 2019-08-21 Malta 034
Ruben VERA Photography: Will you marry me
marek&anna: Kraków... Urban Art by Antonio Segura Donat (DULK)
cowyeow: Hangry Baby
ianharrywebb: Built to guard against the grave robbers.
Aviles, Jr.: Marcellus Told Me To Show You a Good Time
cowyeow: Abandoned Polar Bear
cowyeow: Burger
Viejito: Curve Overload
VOSbeeld: Funny comparison
VOSbeeld: Hey you!
VOSbeeld: Green
yet jeff: On a rung and with aplomb, a cat shows tongue (from its mouth to someone).
Jason 87030: 38 Stock Flower Box!
devonpaul: Homegrown Special
Supremecourtjester: Doctor: "You Have A Bad Case of The Pigeons"
Rolf Dietrich Brecher: Anatidaephobie
Rolf Dietrich Brecher: Beware of the dog
ianharrywebb: Harvest Moon
Tony in Tasmania: Dalek Toilets
fun photography by alex: PLAY ME - funny - me wearing and playing in diapers
Viejito: Really?!...
New Paltz Camera Company: Partridge Family Bus (fan made)