Statevillain: Once Magnificent... Night Time, Halloween Pumpkin Faces, Window Sill, Oberpetersdorf, Republic Of Austria.
lukibob17: PGR 302 and 1558 Monochrome, Night Time, Illuminated Castle View, Salzburg, Republic Of Austria.
Gilli8888: St.Mary's Lighthouse Minimalism
Gilli8888: Whitley Bay - St. Mary's Lighthouse LGBTQ+ Light Display
Gilli8888: Kingmoor Yard Gate - Moonrise, Shadows and Light
Gilli8888: Kingmoor Yard - Lighting Tower
Gilli8888: Full Moon Over Kingmoor Yard - Carlisle
James Loesch: Contrails at Sunset
Dan Correia: IMG_6634
Xingjian: Clementi Town
BradKellyPhoto: Neon coffee
_| |_: Basel
_| |_: Basel
_| |_: Basel
tobysx70: Philippe the Original Monochrome, Night Time, Illuminated Water Fountain & Architecture, Hellbrunn Palace/Schloss Hellbrunn, Salzburg, Republic Of Austria.
Veee Man: Someone's working late. Much too late.
ambo333: Colin Moore Traditional Butchers, Brampton Cumbria
ambo333: Brampton Cumbria
ambo333: Brampton Cumbria
ambo333: The Nags Head Brampton Cumbria
ambo333: Brampton Cumbria
Kevin D. Haley: Romance in the sky
DAN GAKEN IMAGES: Sault Ste. Marie in the Moonlight
axel274: Avenue Marc-Dufour, Lausanne
mal13eck: Red Alert