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Jose David: Seattle
Seattle Municipal Archives: Independence Day celebration program, 1969
keown29: Pacific Northwest Ballet
Seattle Municipal Archives: Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau brochure, 1969
rbranchini: invasion from outer space
Seattle Municipal Archives: Folklife Festival sticker, circa 1982
. o 0 Sam 0 o .: Donald Delp - Barpsin to Fakie
Seattle Municipal Archives: Kids in art studio at Bumbershoot, 1970s
Black-Brick: Interior of Seattle Public Library
Black-Brick: Looking for a book
Seattle Municipal Archives: Matterhorn ride at Seattle Center, circa 1970
Black-Brick: Space Nettle in Between
Black-Brick: Amazon Sphere Small Green Corner
Black-Brick: Dancing Metal Façade
Black-Brick: The First Starbucks Store
Black-Brick: Small Cafeteria in Pike Market
Seattle Municipal Archives: Seattle Cherry Blossom and Japanese Cultural Festival program, 1979
diego.rzg: The WhiteTail Deer
ahockley: Slurpeeneedle
ahockley: Mind if I Cut In?