Flint Foto Factory: Eleventh Frame
Flint Foto Factory: Living The High Life
Flint Foto Factory: Ten-Pin Hero
Flint Foto Factory: High Life Lounge
Flint Foto Factory: I Love A Rainy Night
dangaken: COVID-19
ciobotaru.ionutandrei: IMG_20190624_064758938
Flint Foto Factory: Alla Caravella
Quevillon: It will be fine, buy beer!
Stephane Drd: Lifestyle
nightmareck: Gdynia
infinitum Photography & Video Production: Gymage roof terrace - Madrid
Stephane Drd: Lifestyle
Stephane Drd: Lifestyle
Stephane Drd: Gare de Lyon
segf: O bar va a fechar
dangaken: Have a Cold One
dangaken: Tuba Time
JuhaOnTheRoad: Kiwi caipirinha @ Bar Primeiro
JuhaOnTheRoad: Caipirinha Fio Terra @ Bar Primeiro
dangaken: Skull's Rainbow Room
Plane Sight Images: The Crooner
n8fire: 4+1?
n8fire: Sia Kara Cafe
monsieur Burns: "You read my mind. Would you?"
monsieur Burns: "And that the reason I don't want to hear about this thing is that I can't open up! If we agree on all that, can we drop it?!"
dangaken: Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar
hogophotoNY: Million Dollar Cowboy Bar - B&W 2020 Version; Jackson, Wyoming