androsoff: DSCF5051
risaclics: In Motion
ramonsoleb: DSC09980
Paul and Nalva: Can I get a ref to judge this as a pin, please? - 2020-09-26_104
Paul and Nalva: Everyone's pull'n on my ears - 2020-09-26_093
Jackal1: Bella
crapatdarts: Cute puppy
JJFET: Old Sea Dog!
In his caravan: his dark side
walneylad: Gracie standing in the creek
walneylad: Gracie in the autumn woods
Polka & Django: PA212300-1-2
Polka & Django: PA222377-1-2
Jon in Thailand: ,, Mama's Not Happy With The Monkeys ,,
Brunswick Forge: 2020.10.21.0779.D750 Brunhilde & Blossom
eduardo.lavarias: Cloe ❤️
eduardo.lavarias: Summer ❤️
njlibraryguy: little dog
carogege: Max a des nouveaux potes
meredith.lewis18: Walkin', Hikin', and Splootin'
meredith.lewis18: Walkin', Hikin', and Splootin'
coreybnorton: Baby Neville
twnponds: Creedence and May
twnponds: Jagger
Kerriemeister: Lord and Lady...