erichudson78: Running
shashin62: The temptation of Lansky Bros.
shashin62: Morning Coffees
shashin62: B. B. King Boulevard
roninpoland: What happened??
erichudson78: Boulevard Haussmann
shashin62: Walkway
shashin62: From the river
shashin62: The Wrigley Building
shashin62: Muddy Waters
saigneurdeguerre: Kalmthout
Hank888: Rice Terraces
erichudson78: Port Debilly
erichudson78: Broome Street
shashin62: Chicago & Coke
shashin62: Willis Tower
shashin62: 3rd tallest tower in Chicago
shashin62: Chicago Skyline
shashin62: Taste Eat Enjoy Drink Play Share
shashin62: Cold day
shashin62: More autumn leaves and mist
shashin62: Bright face in the gloom Mountain Stream
tonyd1947: I went for a walk around Clerkenwell and visited several interesting parts of this fascinating part of the City of London. This man, sat quietly in the grounds of St Bartholomew’s Church, was sat on the bench on a chilly Autumn day.
Longska1: Kush
Longska1: London
Longska1: London
Longska1: London
Longska1: London