Grossman Doron: Gear Down Runway Free,You are Clear for Landing
Pamela P. Stroud: Beautiful Hymn | “The People of the Heavenly Kingdom”
Grossman Doron: A snack.
mustang_ali24: _MG_5947
nalut86: Vrbas,Vojvodina,Serbia...Yellow rose for my Princess... and my tears...
jmaphotography: BIG FELLA ... (DSC_3235)
Alessandro Guidi 1985: Luna - portrait in natural light
Pamela P. Stroud: The aims of the three stages of work of God’s management of mankind
devonblankenship50: Dahlia pinnata
vicente1962: Sympetrum chrysostigma ♂
Grossman Doron: DOR_2729
Valter Jacinto | Portugal: Abelhão‑azul // Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa violacea)
devonblankenship50: Reaching for the light
Grossman Doron: Coming in for a landing.
armelle25: La face caché
Grossman Doron: DOR_2968-Edit
devonblankenship50: 2019-10-11_03-20-00
Grossman Doron: Hogna cf. ferox
tingel79: Spider in Black & White
Rolando CRINITI: Mantide religiosa _006
aimanraza: Mushrooms on Wet Wood Stock
MarTou72: Steinbeißer, Dorngrundel, Werbellinsee
Grossman Doron: Ready meal
khteWisconsin: Today's Mass Extinction and Holocene-Anthropocene Thermal Maximum are being caused by the Super Rich