Marite2007: Seagulls and fishnets
David Neely: Angela Gomba enjoying her newly reset Les Paul.
knightbefore_99: The Drums of War
David Paul Ohmer: New Orleans - Jackson Square "St. Anthoney's Garden - Artwork"
kanatoly79: IMG_20190816_100651
OctavioBJ: La Compañia.
OctavioBJ: Navegantes...
CarloAlessioCozzolino: Cena solidale masese [+1 inside]
SAS Photographie: Elodie_SAS_8833
CarloAlessioCozzolino: Cena solidale masese
David Neely: Gibson always had an affinity for plastic, even plastic bridges. On this ES-120T it actually worked out pretty well.
CarloAlessioCozzolino: Libellula [+1 inside]
knightbefore_99: Norman Greenbaum
knightbefore_99: The Singer not the Song
mpdblue: Happiest of Birthday Dear Son
David Neely: Here's Matt McLoughlin picking up his LP Special after a broken headstock repair and electronics correction. He brought in his laptop, interface, and headphones to try it out.
** Janets Photos **: Beautiful Chalk Cliffs ..
CarloAlessioCozzolino: Spider [+1 inside]
knightbefore_99: Che Guevara Conference
David Paul Ohmer: New Orleans - French Quarter "Cast-Iron Balcony"