leo.roos: Neighbours
Wilamoyo: Wedding in Black & White
williamcrew378: Taubman Museum of Art
leo.roos: Creative with trash
filipmije: the little red train
leo.roos: Lost in transformation
Non - Sequitar: Self-Portrait (revised)
::ErWin: Hasenerdl
dirky1952: Macclesfield
leo.roos: Flushing meadows
annsofic: Pauvre honteuse
annsofic: Shopping centre triptych
::ErWin: Großarltal
laap mx: El viejo mundo en el nuevo mundo
laap mx: Gótico citadino
sbally.: Change of use, Leicester Square, London, June 2019
lkurnarsky: BX CARS OLD BASE-13
::ErWin: Graz
::ErWin: Ehrenhausen
ShinyPhotoScotland: Daily Apocalypse: 44
leo.roos: Rock house
::ErWin: Ottenstein
lkurnarsky: GRIZZLY PRESERVE-6
markwilkins64: Life Choices....
leo.roos: Juxtaposition
leo.roos: Steeple and tower
lkurnarsky: ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE AUTOMOBILE, Benicia, California
markwilkins64: "I think I’m being watched......”
maong2009: Cafe reflections, Paris