chemodan: Winter Sunset
bob the builder of luv: The apples have fallen
tmfult: Hyrum Climbing
tmfult: Bryan in a gigantic Cottonwood
5_me_truth_7: Chapelle Notre Dame des Bois 🎃🍂⛪️🌳
5_me_truth_7: Chapelle Notre Dame des Bois 🎃🍂⛪️🌳
tmfult: DSC00352E
bob the builder of luv: Running through the forest
Meteorry: Churchilllaan - Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Guerrier !: Racines.
Guerrier !: Racines.
Guerrier !: Compliqué.
tmfult: P7140811
tmfult: P7140769
a.pierre4840: pucker up
bob the builder of luv: Where the trolls cry
MontrealT: Crazy
MontrealT: The Gaze
MontrealT: Portrait of a Punk
Anklosed Photographer: Funeral Street - North Brighton, Victoria, Australia
MontrealT: Old Creepy Dead Tree, Terra Cotta Park, Pointe-Claire
onlypassingthru: Always remember that even if you don’t think so, your presence, your mere existence in someone’s life, reaches and touches more people, in more ways, than you know or realize. Sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, sometimes emotionally. Know that!
Anklosed Photographer: Lining up for coffee in the freezing wind - Norton’s Park, Wantirna South
Alexandre Dulaunoy: crawling the sky for a tree
tmfult: 2021-05-02-112807946
tmfult: 2020-01-09-122152000
tmfult: P1250291
chemodan: Belfairs Woods