leo.roos: Through the Looking-Glass
mariamoore6876: Lights out!
Urbex Germania: Abandoned Classroom in a former School, Chernobyl 2, Ukraine
loose_grip_99: Orford Ness Suffolk 18th August 2019
wimjee: No engine locomotive.
wimjee: No engine locomotive.
wimjee: No engine locomotive.
L'empreinte du temps: Herbivore...
JimBrownPictures: River Wall
marcocampelli: Epimoní
conspectus_bs: neon lamps
70023venus2009: That'll take some rubbing down!
primemundo: rusty holes
Enciclopedia Bonàs: Porta de magatzem a Jesus
Johntasaurus: Number 18
maritiña1: Coral
primemundo: grate 5
95wombat: Fine Dining
Ampersand72: Rust Bucket_HDR
justingreen19: Life Underground
leo.roos: Reflection
Dominique Robert: Slums of Oporto
bac1967: Roller Bearing
burton_michel: Vers le paradis
potosi6088m: the way to freedom