haberlea: Pretty flowers
cuellar: Sky and sand
RayDS: Ravello - Leaves and door
haberlea: Dinner table
nikjanssen: Vulnerable beauty
Charles.C: circle and circle and circle and circle and......
bluefam: water lilies
nikjanssen: snowdrop on gold
zemotion: All I Need
**Elle**: Vetri
**Elle**: Spiraglio di luce
experimien: Autumn leafs
Steve took it: Anyone going to the PhotoPlus Expo in New York?
mmarsupilami: X Strip-tease d'automne en début des feuillages X
candy2nd: Leaves ll
morillo: Open.
algo: The beauty of backlighting
nikjanssen: blaadje
ajpscs: autumnal equinox
ajpscs: spring fields is like eternity
ajpscs: unlike anything else
ANDI2..: Reaching out....................
photoni: H2O f:4,3 / f:45
Siyu Suen: Geisha